oh, hi.

My name’s Beth. I’m an Atlanta-based writer, editor, and digital storyteller. A word-crafter and professional question-asker.


As a journalist, I’m passionate about womxn’s stories, exploring the ways in which they intersect with such genres and verticals as art, history, health, and horror.

You can find my bylines in/on The Rumpus, London-based feminist horror magazine, Suspira, NPRBUSTAtlantaCreative Nonfiction, The Bitter Southerner, Atlas Obscura, Pigeon Pages Literary Journal, Diversity in Action, Girls at Library, and elsewhere. I’ve been a recurring guest on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s On Second Thought, and my work has also been featured on West Virginia Public Radio.

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” -Markus Zusak

As the founder and word-conjurer-in-chief of Crystal Visions Creative, a socially-conscious boutique content company, I work to amplify the brands, missions, and services of small businesses and nonprofits owned and operated by womxn, people of color, or LGBTQ+ folks –  or those that seek to empower or advance those communities. 

I serve on the board of the Georgia Writers Association, and currently serve as the editorial manager of the Dream Warriors Foundation Magazine, editorial arm of the Dream Warriors Foundation. DWF is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that empowers womxn through grants and community outreach initiatives.

Prior to these positions, I served as the books editor for ARTS ATL, a preeminent source for independent arts & culture coverage in Atlanta, and with VIDA: Women in Literary Arts as a volunteer nonfiction editor for the VIDA Review.